Dun-Rite offers residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance services for all types of roofing.  We use low pressure hot or cold water with biodegradable cleaning products for safety of the environment and you.  We do maintenance work with air and sweeping methods to keep your roof looking healthy and prolong its life.

    Here are some pictures (click the middle of any picture to see it bigger):

    Above, you can see before and after pictures.  Below, you can see pictures taken while work was in progress.

Composition Roofing
    Do you have an unwanted carpet of moss on your roof?  We are able to clean away moss, algae, lichens, and debris that are keeping you from remembering the color of your roof.  We can also replace and repair missing shingles and ridge caps.  The treatments that we use protect your roof from the elements while prohibiting new plant growth.

Shake & Shingle Roofing
    Do you have wood shakes or shingles that are split and dry?  Maybe some of them have become a home for unwanted plant life, and will soon begin to decompose.  By cleaning the wood, and then treating it, you are protecting the roof so that its 25 year life will become possible.

Tile Roofing
    Has your tile roof oxidized and lost its luster?  By cleaning the roof and protecting it from the elements, you will bring it back to life again.  Sun and rain will damage even the strongest roofing material if they are not routinely maintained.  The porous material needs to be treated with care to withstand the environment.

Metal Roofing
    Is there a lot of debris on your metal roof?  Are you concerned about how it will hold up?  We can help rid your metal roof of unwanted stuff, and clean it to a shine!  It will brighten up the paint color too.

Flat Roofing
    Any flat surface is a catch all and can easily become a leaking sieve.  Let us get up there and remove what doesn’t belong so your roof will continue to do its job.  We can caulk and repair flashing around areas that need to drain properly.

Roofing Maintenance
    Let us come yearly to sweep, blow, rinse, and repair your roof; and clean your gutters.  It will save you the time of getting out the ladder, and keep you safe on the ground.

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